Nour Export is also specialized in the sorting and sale of VINTAGE clothing and accessories.

  • First, what are we talking about? 

There are several kinds of vintage: If the second-hand shops or sorts deposit collect clothes from all periods without distinction, the dealers buy and sell by the kilo and the vintage shops select the pieces for their time, their material and their finishes. Their only common point: to propose another mode of consumption of the garment, based on the recovery.


  • What is vintage?


The term Vintage represents used parts of all kinds. In the field of fashion, Vintage designates clothing or accessories designed between the years 1920 and 1980.

Vintage is synonymous with retro but it also guarantees an authentic design by virtue of its brand, quality and low draw. In vintage bags, leather is the flagship of design.

This trend offers everyone the opportunity to break through his creativity by mixing current Vintage products and pieces, for an original style, personal and also in the era of time.


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